Runs on XBOX 360!

Thanks to Luis (creator of 39Kuiper), Z Guerilla now runs on XBOX 360, albeit with some issues (savegame is borked, framerate is unstable, etc. — hey but at least it runs). Sweet.
Also, here’s the new marine model Hugo is working in:
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Perks made their way in Z Guerilla

Showcasing them with the next background right here:

(There are more perks than that, those were the ones currently unlocked)

My planning for Z Guerilla making it to Dream.Build.Play is still on track and have seen good progress over the weekend (which is a nice change from the 3 weeks prior to that). The UI will probably suffer from lack of time, but I’ll at least try to make it bearable. Also realized I’ll need to make this thing run on XBOX 360 before the deadline. Next week I’ll be working on the Prologue, to make the game more interesting from the start!

Z Guerilla entering Dream.Build.Play 2012

I decided that Z Guerilla will enter the Dream.Build.Play 2012 competition. This will put some pressure to motivate me to work on it at night 🙂 I carefully planned a roadmap to the competition deadline and I’m closely following it up to now! Everything is good, so here is a screenshot and video of the Proof of Concept build to celebrate:

Proof of Concept WIP screenshot (because it made a while) for... on Twitpic

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